***Due to struggling to keep up with Blog Tour reviews this last few weeks (October/November 2017) I will not be committing to any new blog tour reviews until further notice.***

Of course, I will still be honouring commitments already made


I will always be happy to join in with blog tours if content posts are available.


I receive quite a few review requests and I tend to read/review in the order I have received them (with some exceptions).

I am unable to commit to reviewing within any specific time frame, but I’m always happy to add to my list.

I will read/review as soon as I possibly can

Once read, I always review on my blog (which automatically shares to my Facebook page and Twitter feed), Goodreads and Amazon (UK & US).


Happy to feature guest posts, extracts, giveaways and author interviews. Please feel free to email me: bellaboobos11@outlook.com

Thanks for reading 🙂