Yesterday I attended Jan Edwards’ book launch for Winter Downs at City Central Library, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, along with my Mum, Gill and friend, Gayle 🙂  

Those who I am friends with on Facebook may have already seen my photos but I thought I would share them in a blog post as it was such a lovely event!

The launch had a 1940’s tea and cakes theme which was lovely 🙂 (All homemade too!)

It started at 11.30am, where we were greeted with a selection of hot and cold drinks as well as delicious cakes…..

…..We bought our books ready for signing…..

Winter Downs

…..then we were treated to a couple of lovely readings…..

…..before the lady herself, Jan Edwards, read us the opening of Winter Downs…..

Afterwards, there was a lovely Q&A. Lots of interesting questions with very articulate answers and some discussion around the room amongst a friendly and supportive audience…..

…..before we all got chance to have our lovely books signed and eat more cake! 🙂

Thank you, Jan, for the invite to your book launch. We thoroughly enjoyed it and wish you every success with Winter Downs!

I highly recommend Winter Downs, if you haven’t read it already. If you wish to, you can read my review HERE 

You will find the link to buy in my review post, otherwise you can click to buy here…..


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