I’m still finding my feet with my blog, but totally agree with Steph that a good review is a good review whatever the bloggers style. What do you think?…..

StefLoz Book Reviews

I love how there are so many different book reviewing styles.

work selfie Work Selfie!

Having a job in the science industry, I have a very basic style.

I get the facts down, not much padding it out.

I am so envious of reviewers who write such beautiful, free-flowing elaborate blogs. They use lovely descriptions, and seem to know just the right adjectives to use.

I am still fairly new to all this blogging lark, maybe I’ll get more artistic as I get more experienced. I can’t promise myself this though as I’ve been ‘just getting the facts down’ in my industry for 30 years!

I suppose a good review is a good review to an author, no matter how small and basic it is.

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3 thoughts on “Different reviewing styles

  1. As long as there are no spoilers! I know what Stef means about the flowing reviews. I admire them and enjoy reading them but it doesn’t seem to come out right if I try it. We all have our own style and that’s how it should be.

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