Published – 3rd March 2016

Publisher – Corvus

I am currently reading You Sent Me A Letter having been one of the lucky five to win a paperback copy via a giveaway on Lucy Dawson’s Facebook page. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far and would just like to wish Lucy a very Happy Publication Day!

Book description –

At 2 a.m. on the morning of her fortieth birthday, Sophie wakes to find an intruder in her bedroom. The stranger hands Sophie a letter and issues an threat: open the letter at her party that evening, in front of family and friends, at exactly 8 p.m., or those she loves will be in grave danger.

What can the letter possibly contain?

This will be no ordinary party; Sophie is not the only person keeping a secret about the evening ahead. When the clock strikes eight, the course of several people’s lives will be altered for ever.

You can buy your copy here You Sent Me A Letter

What reviewers are saying about You Sent Me A Letter –

A gripping read with an intriguing and unsettling mystery at its heart. It kept me guessing all the way through. I found it impossible to put down. –C.L. Taylor on You Sent Me a Letter
Kept me guessing until the very last page. –Erin Kelly on You Sent Me a Letter
You Sent Me A Letter grabs you by the throat in the first chapter and doesn’t let go throughout. I didn’t breathe the whole time I was reading! Lucy Dawson creates fantastically sympathetic and realistic characters and the reader is pulled along with them at breakneck speed. Compelling and wholly satisfying, I had chills by the end. This isn’t my first Dawson read and it certainly won’t be my last. Love love loved it. Recommended to simply everyone. –Jenny Blackhurst, author of How I Lost You
I’m not exaggerating when I say that this book gave me palpitations. Make sure you don’t have anything pressing to do, because once you pick it up there is absolutely no way you’ll be able to put it back down. –SJI Holliday on You Sent Me A Letter

A clever and compelling read –Freya North on The One that Got Away

About the author –

Lucy Dawson was a children’s magazine editor before she had her first bestselling book, His Other Lover, published in 2008. Since then she has published three other novels and her work has been translated into numerous languages. She lives in Exeter with her husband and children.


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