As I have almost finished Written In The Scars, Book 4 in the Estate series by Mel Sherratt, I thought I would share my very short but sweet reviews for the first three books, which I posted on Amazon last year.

I didn’t elaborate much back then, as you will see, but I was more than happy to rate each book 5 stars. I would happily recommend the series to anyone!

Book 1

Somewhere to Hide (The Estate Series Book 1)

Published 19th December 2013

Book description –

What if you had no one to turn to and nowhere to hide?

Welcome to The Estate – where even the darkest times have their lighter moments…

Cath Mason has learned to be tough. The things she’s seen growing up on the Mitchell Estate, she’s had to be. Yet, even broken and beaten by life at times, she’s still the first person a woman in need of help seeks out.

At Cath’s house, there is safety in numbers as well as a place to hide. No matter what trouble comes to her door, she won’t turn anyone away – because she knows what it’s like to live with secrets and lies. But now a problem from her past has come back to haunt her, and she’s the one faced with a dilemma. What should she do first – help or be helped? Or has the potential for revenge already gone a step too far?

SOMEWHERE TO HIDE is emotional, authentic, down-to-earth drama of life’s ups and downs. It is the first book in The Estate Series. So pound those streets, open those doors, pull back those curtains and take a peep into the lives of the people who live there…

My rating – 5/5

This is a brilliant start to the Estate series. The characters and their stories draw you in from the very beginning!

Book 2

Behind a Closed Door (The Estate Series Book 2)

Published 19th December 2013

Book description –

‘The worst terrors are always those that hide closest to home.’ Elizabeth Haynes, Into the Darkest Corner.

Welcome to The Estate – where even the darkest times have their lighter moments…

Working on the notorious Mitchell Estate, housing officer Josie Mellor faces challenges every day, but not nearly as many as those of her tenants.

Kelly Winterton is scared and alone after her partner has been jailed. A victim of domestic abuse, Charlotte Hatfield has fled from her violent partner four times already. He’ll probably kill her if he finds her this time. Disowned by her family, someone is taking advantage of Amy Cartwright’s vulnerability. Who can she turn to for support?

But Josie has her own problems to deal with too. As her home life deteriorates and she struggles to escape her controlling husband, she realises only a thin line separates her from the people she’s trying to help.

BEHIND A CLOSED DOOR is the second book in THE ESTATE SERIES, which begins with SOMEWHERE TO HIDE, but it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

My rating 5/5

An excellent second book in the Estate series. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the new characters as well as learning more about characters featured in book 1. I already have book 3 downloaded so I will be starting that now.

Book 3

Fighting for Survival (The Estate Series Book 3)

Published 19th December 2013

Book description –

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

Welcome to The Estate – where even the darkest times have their lighter moments…

When Caren Williams finds herself back on the estate she fought so hard to get away from, little does she realise she’ll be living opposite her arch-enemy, Gina Bradley. Gina thinks she and her family rule Stanley Avenue so when Caren starts to become popular, she decides to hit her where it will hurt the most – she wants her husband.

Lonely and depressed, Ruth Millington finds it a constant struggle to get through the dark times. Spiralling out of control, maybe she should let Gina’s husband help her out when he comes calling.

Twins Rachel and Claire Bradley, took control of the girl gang, the Mitchell Mob, when their leader was sent to a juvenile detention centre for assault. But Stacey Hunter is out now and wants to hold the position of top dog again. No one will back down – let battle commence.

Secrets and lies, brawling in the street and conforming to peer pressure – it all comes down to holding your nerve. But this time not everyone will survive the notorious Stanley Avenue…

FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL is the third book in THE ESTATE SERIES. It follows on from SOMEWHERE TO HIDE and BEHIND A CLOSED DOOR but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

My rating 5/5

Excellent! Book three is as good as the first two, if not better. I’ve really enjoyed this series! The characters and their stories draw you in from the very beginning. You have to know how things turn out for them!
I quickly became a fan of Mel Sherratt after reading Taunting The Dead, which I loved, so I soon downloaded this series and I’m so glad I did.

Written in the Scars (The Estate Series Book 4) Written In The Scars is the 4th book in the Estate Series. It will be published on 30th October 2015. I am one of a lucky few to receive an early review copy and I’m loving it!

Book description –

‘A writer to watch out for.’ Mandasue Heller


Welcome to The Estate – where even the darkest times have their lighter moments…

Scars. Sometimes they’re visible. Sometimes they’re hidden deep within.

After years of living as a single parent, all Donna Adams longs for is someone to make her smile, to share hopes and dreams with, to keep her warm at night. But when that certain someone gives her the attention she craves, true love doesn’t always follow the right path.

Home from the army, Lewis is a changed man. Angry and consumed by grief, troubled by nightmares and flashbacks, his mind is worse now than ever. Shutting out what he’s seen isn’t easy, but he risks losing everything he’s come back to if he doesn’t, including his sanity.

Megan Cooper hides her scars for fear of being rejected. Mary Marshall can’t always remember how she got hers.

If the past could be erased to make a better future, we’d all want that, wouldn’t we? But life is never that easy for the residents of The Mitchell Estate…

WRITTEN IN THE SCARS is the fourth book in The Estate Series but each one can be read as a standalone novel.


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